What does TKI stand for?

TKI is the brand that's based off of my initials.  

My full name is Tiani Kawaileleanuheaokama'ukele Makakoa Inciong  (Say that 5x fast).  My middle name simply means "cool, soft, waterfall of the rainforest."

What happens if weather is impermissible on a shoot?

If only we could snap our fingers and the sun would shine at our expense.  Depending on scheduling or if you're a client visiting the islands,  I'm able to reschedule any portraiture session booked to the next best possible day.  If at the event that its your only day on island to schedule, best would be to reroute the location idea and heard towards the best part of the island with promising conditions.  


If you decide that you are looking to book for more coverage the day of your wedding, we can go ahead and modify any sessions fee changes when the final session fees are due, upgrading your collection.  Weekend bookings for weddings require at least a 6 hour minimum. 


Depending on the situation, you can expect me and an assistant on location at our photo sessions.  The assistant can be key to helping with equipment and provide more security for personal items if needed on location.  For weddings, I bring along a second photographer to work alongside of me, based on selected wedding collections.

Do you supply any props?

My work consists of simply planning and capturing the moment.  If you have props and themed ideas, bring them!  They're highly recommended. :)


How important is a weddinG COORDINATOR?

Highly recommended.  As a vendor, working with a professional coordinator will not only streamline our communication better, but will also help you take care with all the logistics the day of your wedding.  Depending on who you decide to hire and based on expertise, coordinators can help with finding the decor and vendors that would best suit you and your vision.

As a bride (or groom), your biggest concern should be to enjoy every single moment on your special day, knowing that your coordinator will bring your vision to life. 

Whats your advice for preparing for a shoot?

If its an on location photo session, best advice would be:

1) Find clothes to wear that you find most flattering and comfortable.  The more relaxed and comfortable you are in your own skin, the better the results will be for your photos. So in other words...

BE YOU BEAU!  It can be a challenge at first being in front of that camera (trust me, thats why I'm usually behind the camera lol!), so as long as you come confident in the clothes that you're wearing, you feel good, and have already won half the battle.

2)  If you're not comfortable in doing your own hair and make up (or even if you're going towards the natural look route), keep an open mind to hiring a Hair & Make up artist.Some ladies have their practice run regarding hair & make up for shoots.  This helps them boost their confidence.   Not saying you should do this at all! But from  what I've observed shooting, ladies want to feel pretty and confident - spending a little extra time getting ready might just do the trick.

3) Be ON TIME!  I mainly shoot Natural light, so the sun definitely dictates how long I photograph.  Especially here on island, please make proper considerations for traffic and hair & make up delays.  Because time is planned accordingly, if you show up 30 minutes late, the session will not be extended but end at the regular scheduled time.  

 My biggest goal is to get to know you for the time being and to give you the BEST photography experience, helping you be as comfortable as possible in session.  :)