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Waimea Valley Wedding: Gareth + Kendall
Sherwood Forrest Wedding: Brenden + Shannon Married
Kualoa Ranch Wedding at Paliku Gardens: Hannah + Fauzie
White Orchid Beach House in Maui: Lindsey + Alvin
Vermont Destination Wedding | Connor + Maria
Hawaii Polo Fields Wedding in North Shore: Kahe + Dani Married
Destination Wedding on Oahu: Mike + Liza Married
Intimate Wedding in Kailua: Andrew + Claire Married
Lanikuhonua Wedding in Ko Olina | Muriah + Steven Married

Romantic wedding near the shores of Oahu

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Destination Wedding in Lanikai: James + Vannary Married
Jazzy + Dewey Married
Hale Koa Estate Wedding in Laie, HI: Josh + Ashleigh
Matt + Kairstin Married
A Musical Themed Wedding: Chris + Christina

An opening song with the entire wedding party signing and dancing, to Pastor Wayne singing along, adding just a touch of magic to the rest of the room.  Chris begins his ballad as he awaits for his bride to walk down the aisle...

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Disney Themed Hawai'i Wedding: Adam + Erika

Disney themed DIY Wedding!  Can you say, Christmas in Disneyland!? Or Hawaii ;)

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Ko'olina Wedding in Oahu: Alex + Shaumiya

What better way than to plan a destination wedding here in Hawaii! <3  When Shaumiya told me her and Alex would be moving to San Francisco,  I knew that this day would be one to be cherished not just for the happy couple, but for the entire family as well.

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Cafe Julia at YWCA Wedding: Brad + Mari

A charming wedding at Cafe Julia, Brad and Mari would never have to face the faults in a long distance relationship no more

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Wahiawa Schofield Wedding: Brandan & Kaʻuanuenue

Kaʻu is face to face with Brandan for the very first time, and with an overwhelming feeling of anticipation, love was expressed through tears towards each other.

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Waimanalo to Mariposa Reception Wedding: Rainui & Danyelle

Reception was held at the Mariposa Restaurant located in Neiman Marcus at the Ala Moana Shopping Center...dare I say that was the first restaurant take over wedding reception that I've ever been apart of!  

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Christmas Day Wedding: Logan & Kalei

Hearts were warm as the ladies made their final toasts and speeches to Kalei.  Overwhelmed with joy and happiness,  nothing is more cherishing than knowing on your wedding day, you are surrounded by the most important people in your life 

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