Summer Beach Engagement: Zachary & Kristine

You know you have a great set of friends when they set you up and lead you to your future spouse...and thats what happened to Zach and Kristine!  Whatever happened, it worked! The bond these two had transcended beautifully through every image and I was in love!  I was surprised to hear that they don't take many pictures together - they could have fooled me!  The look Zach has on his face every time he looks at Kristine was priceless.  They might have been bashful together knowing my camera lense is pointing to their direction, but you can't fake that million dollar smile!  

I was honored to have gotten to know this couple better, and to capture their love even thousands of miles away from their home.  Their wedding will be held in Mexico, which I'm sure will be just as a fun and exciting adventure!  Congrats to the both of you, Zach and Kristine, and may your journey to marriage be just as enjoyable as it was to work with you on this day! <3

(To view more of their collection, view their slideshow below!)