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Engagement Session from the Valley to the Shores: Symone & Nathan

A true, destination engagement! If you're the type thats down to pose near the cliff's of Oahu (with Lana'i in the distance) and stand in between overgrown vines and tree branches, 

I'm your girl ;)

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Hawaii North Shore Engagement: Ikaika and Kim

When you got the last 15 minutes of the sunset...everything turns to magic.. xo

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Secret Beach Engagement: Greg & Marvine

We spent the last hour of day light with Greg & Marvine that afternoon, and with Greg's humor and Marvine's smile, everything went smooth, light, and spontaneous, three of my favorite things!

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Holiday North Shore Beach Engagement: Juan + Vivian

Everything surrounding was a blur: and the only thing on his mind was her, wrapped in his arms and never letting go...

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Waialua Sunflower Fields Engagement: Josiah & Emily

Sunflower Fields in Waialua and Sunset posted on the beach at North Shore.  We were lucky enough to be shooting in the Winter, which is when the sunflower fields are found ;)

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