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Jodie & Hailey Senior

Its been some time since my High School years, but from what I can remember,  some friendships do last a lifetime. Not only do you make some of the most highlighted life decisions together (prom dates, graduation parties, college decisions, etc.), but with Jodee and Hailey, their idea of a celebration is a combined graduation party...which leads us to this particular portrait session!

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Beyonce Inspired Senior Portrait Session: Raelene

A Beyonce inspired Senior Portrait Shoot.  We got to play around with different looks that would emulate Beyonce's "Flawless" music video shoot.  It was such a blast.  Raelene also showed me an idea on Pinterest that she wanted to try that led us to a location low enough for us to set up balloons attached to sandbags in the middle of the sandbar.  

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