Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery Wedding: Ryan + Kate

November 03, 2013

Venue: Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery, CA

They kissed, they laughed, we cried, had a great time!  I've been friends with Ryan and Kate for only a short while.  After a week of spending time and getting to know them and their family, they are two of the most generous and loving people one could ask to work with.  Not only was the wedding beautiful, but they are just as radiant from the inside out.

Standing at the altar, Ryan looked at his bride from a distance knowing that from this day on, he will be walking away with one of life's most precious gifts.  He's been preparing for this very moment.  With every eye locked on Kate, all I could focus on was the joy that bleeds through his eyes.

This wedding was a blast!  From the altar to the dance floor, you wouldn't miss out on a night to remember.  Surrounded by many loved ones is key to determining the culture of the event.  

It was my first destination wedding outside of the Hawai'i Islands and I can only  express the excitement I had the entire journey there!  The winery was beautiful!  With the entire venue to ourselves, I spent that last few moments of light with Ryan and Kate.  

The second of three daughters to be married, her dad held her in him arms while the spotlight remained on just the two of them on the dance floor.  

Honored and grateful to have captured the many memories from the night.  Truly a week never forgotten.

- xo