Beyonce Inspired Senior Portrait Session: Raelene

A Beyonce inspired Senior Portrait Shoot.  We got to play around with different looks that would emulate Beyonce's "Flawless" music video shoot.  At Mid-day, we headed into the alleys in Chinatown.  Implementing an off-flash created a dramatic look to the images to portray the alley in the evening.  We had to be sure that we had the Queen Bee's music playing in the background to gain some inspiration to the shoot, haha!  

It was such a blast.  Raelene showed me an idea on Pinterest that she wanted to try.  So we went out on the east side of the island towards Hawaii Kai to this location that was low enough for us to set up balloons attached to sandbags in the middle of the sandbar.  These were some of the coolest photos I thought I have ever tried to emulate!  Themed photos are so fun to do!  

If you ever think of an idea that you want to try out on your shoot, feel free to bring as many props as you desire! xo

Let me know what you think below!