Christmas Day Wedding: Logan & Kalei

This Christmas was spent surrounded by so many friends and family - the only  difference was being apart of what would be Logan and Kalei's special day!  The look on her dad's face as she glances one last time at his baby girl before he walks her down the isle...the anticipation getting to the ceremony site to witness a marriage take place...the biggest grin any mother would have on her only son's wedding day...all of these memories cherished, and hoped for would soon come to pass.  

Hearts were warm as the ladies made their final toasts and speeches to Kalei.  Overwhelmed with joy and happiness,  nothing is more cherishing than knowing on your wedding day, you are surrounded by the most important people in your life who love and support you, and will walk with you on your journey through marriage and to a new and exciting future as a wife.  

During sunset, It was simply magical...and a very Merry Christmas indeed.  

To see more of their special day, scroll down to view their video slideshow.