Engagement at Wa'ahila Ridge: Kupono + Alyssa

I couldn't believe this day actually came!  It was just like yesterday, Alyssa, our friend Brandy and I were talking together about who's dating who and peaking our interest in who would be next in line to put a ring on it.

After dating for a year, Kupono popped the question to Alyssa and HERE WE ARE shooting their engagement session!  <3  You wouldn't believe the amount of effort (and pressure) it took to plan a surprise proposal for Alyssa.  After weeks of planning (and lying), accidentally texting in the WRONG group text (yes, that was me), going through 2 hours of West Side Oahu traffic, finally making it to Ko'olina right when the sun went down, getting lost trying to find the signs Kupono posted for Alyssa to go, and finally saying, "YES!"