Senior Portraits: The 1st Generation of TKI Models

I could not believe where the time was as if just yesterday, I was getting their hair and garments all ready to model for me in my very own mini photo shoots we would do in the summer...the only catch was that they were just 8 years old!!  

I had to combine their photo shoot together to bring back the memories.  Pohaku, who's actually my cousin, grew up with us practically as another brother of mine.  With him and Kawelo only a month in age apart,  they were always doing things together.

These two (including my younger brother Kana'i) were the begging to influencing my passion for fashion and photography.  In the summer of 2007, I would dress them up and do their hair (replicating a kid-version Vogue Magazine) and bribe them with cash money and candy (of course) to model in front of my Point-and-shoot Canon Powershot Camera (feeling like a boss).  The rest is literally history. Through trial and error with an array of documented audio image slideshows, I fell in love with the way photography expresses art, fashion, and culture.  

So thankful for those years!  I wish I could re-live them all over again...

They are growing up into two of the most handsome young men that I know!  And now that their Seniors in high school, I'm like the Aunty that wants to spoil and take care of her babies forever! (can anyone relate?!)