East Oahu Engagement: James + Vannary

Flowers.  Bright pink and orange in fact.  They say that colors reflect a personally..and so although I do wear denim most often, I absolutely LOVE vibrant pinks and oranges...and you would think that my personality would reflect the same? 

Iʻm going off on a tangent. 

Vannary got ahold of her beautiful Haku Lei from Laie and wore it most beautifully on her engagement session with James.  All I did was place them together in a position, and James would lighten up the mood with his goofy personality, where Vannary would instantly shine a smiling expression that would convey no less than a shy of "I love you."

We had a blast shooting both in Kaneohe and then down at "Eternity Beach" near the Halona Blowhole(Yes, this is the same location that Nicki Minaj shot her Starships music video...and okay lets not forget Chris Brown in Autumn leaves either).  

In light of the day, encountering unforeseen circumstances, I can only look back at these and remember the joy and excitement I felt for these two:  the creativity that was brought into the session - not only with a radiant arrangement of flowers, but a customized Hawaiian License Plate to top off our "Getting hitched in Hawaii" Save-the-date theme.

Placing their foreheads together, I reminded them to breathe, relax, and enjoy this moment they have together, for each moment is but a memory, and soon it will all be over.  

Something I was definitely reminded of this day:  Never take small moments together for granted.  Find the good in every situation.  Enjoy each day, and make it worth while, because no matter what happens, we are only in control of the way we do things today.

Hope this collection brings you happiness as it did to me.  Like, Share, Love xo