Jackie Portraits

With her beauty, elegance, and sweet personality, Jackie's got it all.  Entering her Senior year in high school, Jackie is embarking on what would be a monumental chapter of her upcoming adult life.  Whenever I get a chance to shoot with Seniors, it brings me back to where I was at as a Senior...its the time that you begin to step into who you are as a young lady, and also who you are becoming.  Around that time, you also begin to start focusing on what you are going to accomplish, where you're going to go, your ambitions, etc. (That is if you haven't hit "Senioritis" already!).   I took Jackie around Waikiki near the Hilton & The Modern, to places that would only amplify her personality and her natural beauty.  Senior is a year of expression, and what greater way than to create memories out of it and shooting your Senior portraits while vacationing in Hawai'i.  Let me know what you think! :)