If you find yourself stuck in routines everyday, and might be on the cusp of being short with your tongue, 

thinking negative thoughts, 

not paying attention to others,

then its time for you to take a day off.

That is one of the biggest challenges I go through, ESPECIALLY as an entrepreneur (fancy word for saying you're a workaholic).  But I always need to remind myself to take a BREAK even in the midst of the hustle.  Sometimes when I reach a block, one day of rest will reset my brain and refresh my thoughts with new ideas and a kickstart to your week!  

So, if you can relate, Stop what you're doing, and just go! 

Take a walk, go to the beach, go on the hike, head to that park or museum you've been wanting to check out, spend time reading the Bible,  TURN OFF YOUR PHONE! 

Do something that puts you in a position to remind yourself how incredibly blessed you are to live this life. 

- xo.