Eternity Beach Maternity: Rainui & Danielle

Working with Danyelle and Rainui again was such a blast!  Since re-living their wedding back in January, I was excited to be apart of yet another milestone in their relationship!  Here and there I'll get a chance to work with a maternity couple - so when I do, it brings a deeper meaning into what I do.

When you think of pregnancy and capturing this moment, its more than just creating artistic images or remembering the moments prior to the birth of the baby, but its truly witnessing a miracle.  Here we have two people coming together that resulted more than a marriage, beyond just a baby, but creating life - to the future Doctor, NFL star player, President of the United States, Missionary, you name it!  

Regardless of who they become, you are creating a legacy for your family...and right here we experience moments that will never be around again, but also never forgotten.  

To all the strong mothers out there who sacrifice their time (& body) - THANK YOU, for loving, sacrificing, and committing yourself to one can take that role but YOU. <3