Oahu Destination Love Portraits: Eric + Lauren

Had an incredible time meeting and working with Eric & Lauren!  Here on island, Eric serves in the U.S. Navy, and what more of a perfect location than to get married and bring your wife here to Hawaii!?

We started off in Waimanalo, where overcast skies are more than welcomed for the type of images curated in the greenery.  We kept it casual but intimate in the best way possible.  Our second location hit it off down near Lana'i Lookout to capture some cliffside shots of the east side of the island, providing a remote collection of images for Eric and Lauren.  Made it just in time for the sunset at Magic Island, the exact location the beautiful couple tied the knot months before.  

Sometimes clients I get to work with always preempt me with the lack of experience posing in front of the camera...and can I just relate with you and salute to you in agreement as well!?  I totally get it, its exposing, vulnerable, and all up in your face (at least working with me, you'll get used to that lense in your face, lol).  But I can never understand the clients who express this to me, because (like these two) they become some of the most genuine, easiest, and photogenic couples to work with!  I couldn't have been more happier with these results (and I know that I say that often, but I am at loss for words!)

I hope you share in the same emotions as I do when scrolling through their highlighted session.  If you are a hopeless romantic like I am, feel free to share your comments below <3