Engagement Session from the Valley to the Shores: Symone & Nathan

We celebrated Nathan & Symone's engagement beginning in the heart of Manoa Valley.  Iʻve always been fond of this area.  I like to begin my shoots relaxed and enjoyable -- to the point where your interaction is as if iʻm not even there.  I reminded them to just be themselves and enjoy the time they have together at the different locations.

When I work with couples who are out of town, I always want to ensure that even while weʻre shooting, they get to enjoy the places that we visit...like being on the side of the cliff looking out to the ocean!? Yes, thats exactly what we did. 

You do have to walk out onto the ridge (carefully, might I add) and shoot from a distance to capture that depth in the shot -- but it was a dream!  

You normally can't see the sunset out there on the east side, but we managed to hit some of that golden light around 6:50pm that day -- and those shots typically are my favorite ones to shoot!  I have to look through my camera screen and focus manually to get the light that I really want...So it is a challenge, but whats victory without a challenge? :) 

I'm happy with how this session turned out!  If you're the type thats down to pose near the cliff's of Oahu (with Lana'i in the distance) and stand in between overgrown vines and tree branches, 

I'm your girl ;)