Lanikai Senior Portrait Session: Adriana

You may be able to take the girl from the island, but you can never simply take the island out of the girl.  Currently in Colorado, Adriana and her mom Lori came back to Oahu to visit their stomping grounds in the heart of Kailua, here at Lanikai.  It's always so great to work with Seniors for their portraits.  You get to capture an experience thats the beginning of their new season, on the verge of entering adulthood and warming up to her womanhood (in this case, at least!) to being comfortable with who they are.  I remember what it was like being a Senior in high school: you've become the top of the "food chain", entering your prime years of being a teenager while still trying to figure out who you really are - thats a lot to think of as an 18 year old! Despite all the changes in season, it was so great working with Adriana and bringing out her true beauty!  Don't let her smile fool you, she is fierce both inside And out! -xo