Sunset Beach Maternity Session: Ben & Cass

One of the greatest assets about business is people.  You need people to create connections, move products & services, and most importantly--serve and make lasting relationships.  Yes, creating connections may sound redundant to lasting relationships, but its more than just networking with different individuals...Its making a decision to create a friendship and make an impact in a persons life--or in my case--capturing memories that will last forever.

With Ben & Cass, we headed out to the West side of the island towards sunset, when the light hits just perfectly beyond the horizon, reflecting the blue waters and clouds in the sky.  Its my favorite time to shoot (and most likely everyone else's) because the light shines so beautifully that one can grasp the illusion as if its a scene from a movie.  Over the course of a short 30 minutes,  the light can move fast, which means outfit changes need to be on the go!  I loved working with Cass!   She was so easy going and down to do anything--whether it may be to stand against the hot sun dressed from head to toe, to heading into water with the risk of waves crashing against the shoreline--or standing next to a spitting cave (her intention, but I have NO regrets (: ).

I love this couple so much!  I'm so thankful that the Lord brought them from the east coast down here to Hawaii to live during their first year journey as husband and wife.  Were down to less than a month away from meeting Baby Little (Yes, their last name is Little) and I'm all the more honored and appreciative that I get to be apart of it in a small way.  

I'm always reminded to truly appreciate and take in even the smallest of things, and to remember what is truly important: Family and TIME.  Make TIME to spend those moments with each other, to embrace pregnancy, conversations, and even the challenging times--Glory to Glory.  Everything is beautiful in its time, and our Father in Heaven knows that so well!

Thank you, Ben & Cass, for showing me how to love unconditionally and spend each moment as if its our last. xo

Feel free to enjoy some of the highlights of their maternity session below. :)