Creative Block!?

Good Morning! 

Heres a Throwback Thursday for you!

Ever feel like you gain a ton of motivation and momentum for an entire week (or even a month!) and suddenly you've hit a WALL!?  Well..I find myself hitting that wall almost weekly!  (At least I found myself doing that)...So I decided that I needed a change.

There are times where you'll get caught up in your craft, that you forget that while you're emptying out unto others, that cup needs to be re-filled!  

So I ask you...What inspires you?

If you are a photographer like me, here are some questions I needed to ask myself:

* What inspired me to get into photography?

* If I had to choose one thing to shoot, what would it be?

* What is one thing in my life that brings me joy? an experience? a person? 

For me, it was fashion.  

In 2007, at the adult age of 13, I picked up a camera and found the nearest thing to me that I could bounce off my creative juices on: my 6 and 8 year old brothers. Yep.

I dressed them up in my standards of what a Giorgio Armani fashion shoot would look like, and started shooting away! Now, I wasn't shooting with a professional DSLR at the time --heck I didn't even know how to operate such a thing! -- but I knew what I wanted and went for it.  Didn't know what the outcome would be, but I envisioned in my head my own operation of a high fashion shoot right in my back yard with two highly qualified male toddlers (lol).

I could not WAIT to upload them on iPhoto and edit the images -- because thats what all professional fashion photographers do, right!? ;)  Anticipating the final product, I put the images together into a slideshow to show my parents and I must say that I felt so proud...I think I was ready for the big leagues at NY Fashion.  :D 

To look back at that season, its all so goofy and a pie in the sky dream - but it was that passion I felt curating the images to reflect the vision inside of my head.

That passion that first brought you to where you are today, is what will bring you back when you've reached a block.  


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