"I Donʻt Feel Like It"

Recently, Iʻve been feeding my mind mentally with reading book after book, and I can already notice the difference in my day to day mindset.  As a business owner and entrepreneur,  youʻre going to face many challenges...and a lot of it has to do MENTALLY.  

Yup.  The battle of the mind.  But what Iʻm learning is emotional thinking and decision making is just NOT the way to go.  You have to decide to change and commit to the change knowing that you are going to have days when you just won't feel like doing it at all!

Hereʻs a excerpt from one of the books that Iʻm currently reading:

"One way to know if youʻre thinking emotionally and not rationally is when you use the word  "feel" in conversation.

For example, many people who are run by their emotions or their feelings will say things like:

"I donʻt feel like exercising today."

Logically you know you should exercise.

Many people who struggle financially are not able to control how they feel, or they let their feelings dictate their thoughts.  I hear them say:

"I donʻt feel like learning about investing.  Itʻs too much trouble."

"Investing doesn't feel right for me."

"I donʻt feel like telling my friends about my business."ʻ

"I hate the feeling of being rejected."

(The Cashflow Quadrant, R. Kiyosaki, p. 145)

Begin choosing today to think rationally over emotionally.  It takes discipline to make things happen consistently.  Itʻs not so fun in the moment, but after accomplishing it, man you will be glad that you did! :)