Stop Trying: May the Fourth Be With You

May the fourth be with you 💎💯  - I found this picture on Pinterest, and I thought it was so great!  

When I was younger, our household knew all about Star Wars.  Growing up with fourth brothers didn't exactly make it harder for me to be influenced in the first place.  I remember getting confused with the puppet-like Yoda in the original Star Wars movies and wondering if he was also on Sesame Street too... (I was four, okay? lol).

"Try" is one of those words I like to exit out of my vocabulary.  Whenever I use the word try, its more of a cop out for me just in case I fail to accomplish or do what I was supposed to.  

For example, I wanted to "try" and surf.  But trying only leads to more doubt in myself, my ability, and an easier way out when the going gets tough.  So instead of trying, I told myself that I am going to surf and just do it, despite how hard it was.  When you're out there, you don't just try, you just do it.  You stand up only to lose your balance, you get caught up in between sets of four foot waves only to try and catch your breath,  So yea, you try and try again, but you're doing the action of surfing - not just trying.  

Here's different examples:  

Ill try to be there.

I'm trying to keep a good budget.

I'll try and see if this photography thing works out.

All of these statements, I am so guilty of!  But reading these out loud only leaves more room for doubt and excuses to fail.  In all of my accomplishments and challenges, I've learned that despite your physical ability, its all about how strong you are mentally.  So what, then?

 Stop Trying. Start doing

Are you "trying" to live a simpler, more meaningful life? Stop trying; start living it.

Are you trying to make your relationship work? Stop trying, start working.

Are you trying to be more accountable? Stop trying, Just Do It. Start Taking Action.

What are some things in your life that you see yourself trying?

What do you want?

I want to challenge you this week...I challenge you not to use the word "try" for a week and begin making a conscious effort to not use the word. . . Begin to notice the difference in yourself and in your actions when you are consciously aware of you using that word...

- xo Tiani