Jodie & Hailey Senior

Seniors Jodee and Hailey spent an afternoon with me to capture their final days as the Senior class of 2016.  Future Punahou graduates, these girls emulated a friendship that all would hope would be an everlasting one.  

Its been some time since my High School years, but from what I can remember,  some friendships do last a lifetime. Not only do you make some of the most highlighted life decisions together (prom dates, graduation parties, college decisions, etc.), but with Jodee and Hailey, their idea of a celebration is a combined graduation party...which leads us to this particular portrait session!  

Their style and fashion choice was perfect for a classy but chic, boho-local vibe, styled in a haku lei to compliment their look.  If only I had this much style when I was a Senior!  I'm pretty sure I was too busy capturing everyone else Senior portraits, that I forgot to express mine! (I ended up using some portraits I took when I was fourteen during a classic family portrait shoot...true story).  

Its always so fun to step away from the wedding scene and shoot a portrait session!  It was more than just another photography was inspiration (and a blessing) in disguise!

To view their highlighted session, scroll down below and comment on what you think!

- xo