Waimanalo to Mariposa Reception Wedding: Rainui & Danyelle

It was a sunny Waimanalo morning on the east side of Oahu, HI.  

Regardless of the humidity, you simply cannot complain about the gorgeous view we had for the ceremony!!  While Danyelle and her ladies were getting ready,  I grabbed some detail shots of her dress and rings and of course here Tahitian pearls gifted by the grooms mother.  

Right before the ceremony, the bride and groom shared an intimate moment together..the first look :) xo.  Danyelle was so radiant - how could anyone not get more excited?  

Reception was held at the Mariposa Restaurant located in Neiman Marcus at the Ala Moana Shopping Center...dare I say that was the first restaurant take over wedding reception that I've ever been apart of!  To top it off, the traditional Chinese lion dance made its way throughout the venue!  (Not gonna lie, when I was younger, those "lions" used to scare me!  I can confidently say that I have overcome this "hurdle" encountering them throughout the years shooting weddings *whew!*) 

To view their special day, scroll down below and comment on what your thoughts are! :)

We were lucky enough to work together again to capture some maternity shots!  Click here to view highlights ;)