Logan & Kalei Engaged

Engagements always seem to be extra special when its taken of two of your closest friends.  Their love blossomed into something so beautiful, something worth witnessing, and knowing that God has a mighty plan for their next season together as husband and wife.  I was privileged enough to serve in ministry with Logan for many years since high school.  Two words to describe him: kind and lovable.  He was always one who had your back, and knew what to speak to you in the right moment.  When I met Kalei, she was truly a sweetheart!  With her strong features,  there is always a heart-warming feeling whenever you're in the room with her, which I know Logan can relate with.  They are two of the most humble, caring, and generous people, and I am so glad that I get to be there throughout their journey!  

On this day, we checked out the King Kamehameha Summer Palace located in Nuuanu.  Despite the amazing light we were blessed with, it wouldn't be Nuuanu Valley without some rain!  Rain may not be on the top of the list of things to hope for, but on this day, it was perfect to bring out the intimate theme to implement a "Georgian era" feel...the rock walls, dewey grass, misty rain, and soft smiles.  Ended our shoot out on the east side at Makapu'u to not only catch a few more portraits, but to really appreciate the breathtaking view from the lookout!  It was as if the colors of the environment were so naturally vibrant, that I felt God had taken care of the editing for me at that moment!  These are one of those days where you could not have predicted what would result of it, but only thank God for every blessing, every opportunity, and every relationship that inspires one another.   

To view more of their collection, take a look at their slideshow below!