Loulu Palms Wedding: Kyle & Rose

It was a beautiful, sunny Tuesday afternoon out on the North Shore of O'ahu.  It is always such a joy and privilege to shoot on Loulu Palm Estate.  What better way to celebrate a wedding on a private estate off the beach?  This wedding was fun, relaxed, and truly intimate.  Surrounded by loved ones, Rose and Kyle were celebrated and supported the entire day: from the set up, decor, program, to even the details in getting ready.  There was no room for any wedding anxieties when your in the room with Rose and her beautiful smile.  Not only that, her personality radiates so wonderfully and lights up the entire mood in every room!  I could not have asked for a more enjoyable bride to be around.  You feel like your apart of her special day, capturing moments, both great and small--for me, in particular, I found the small things behind closed doors to be the most inspiring--like the moments her mom could not help but be overflowed with joy as she watches her daughter get ready, or when her dad enters the room and is speechless,  recollecting his precious moments he's shared with his baby girl to minutes away to walking her down the aisle...moments like these are worth experiencing, worth remembering, and worth capturing.  If you are to be wed, I hope your day turns out to be as special as Kyle and Rose's.  Enjoy every moment, choose joy, and don't forget to stop and breathe even during small moments.    -xo